Call for talent

This is the website for an Open Mic which will double as a talent show(case). In particular we are looking for singer-songwriters who perform their own material and are interested in frank feedback from audience and peers. Use the Contact tab to register your interest.

Yo! Talent is based in north Devon. There is an opening for a (co-)host, and/or for someone to help on the production – see Host tab.

Dictionary definition of Yo! – interjection – used as an exclamation to get someone’s attention, express excitement, greet someone. Origin: 1375–1425; late Middle English.

Can anyone enter?
Anyone can play at the Open Mic, though be prepared for some frank appraisal. The Open Mic will form the first part of the evening or afternoon, and will double as a rehearsal or audition for the second part of the event, the talent show. To enter the talent show, you will need at least one song that you have written and can perform yourself (or yourselves).

Will it cost anything to enter?
This is a tricky one. It would be good to raise money to cover set-up and running costs, and to build up a bit of a prize pot. Any sponsors out there?

To help towards a prize pot and encourage quiet attention during performances, we might charge a modest entrance fee, e.g. £2 per adult or £1 per adult for groups or households. Any feedback on this ..?

For both Open Mic and talent show, we aim to publish at least a partial advance list of named performers.

How many songs will you get to perform?
It depends (1) on the number of performers on a given night, (2) if the judges think you have potential, and (3) if the audience want encores.

Who progresses to later rounds?
The audience will be canvassed; judges will have the casting vote.

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